Online Debate Competition

Sri Uddyan Bhattacharyya, a student of JORHAT LAW COLLEGE, JORHAT
secured 1st Prize in an ALL INDIA ONLINE  DEBATE COMPETITION organized by I.M.S. LAW COLLEGE, NOIDA along with NAYI PEHAL SOCIETY. The topic of that debate competition was THE CONTINUOUS LOCKDOWN IN INDIA HAS DEALT IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO BOTH THE STUDENTS AND THE ENTIRE EDUCATION SYSTEM. Also, in that debate competition the Judges were : (1) Prof. (Dr.) Bharti, N.L.U., Delhi; (2) Mr. Niteesh Kumar  Upadhyay, Founder of Knowledge Steez; (3) Adv. Priyanka Mishra, Advocate at Law Pride and (4) Adv. Gaurav Mishra, Penagacara at Delhi State Legal Services Authority.

Top rankers name, Rank, Year of passing
1. Naina Kalani (1st class 1st position in LL.B in 2010)
2. Nandini Jain (1st class 1st position in LL.B in 2012)
3. Susmita Mukherjee (1st class 1st  position in LL.B in 2013)
4. Rajashree Hazarika (1st class 1st  position in LL.B in 2014)
5. Devika Paul (1st class 2nd  position in LL.B in 2015)
6. Puja Bajaj (1st class 3rd position in LL.B in 2016)
7. Gaurab Gogoi (1st class 1st position in LL.B in 2017)
8. Chandan Kr. Pandey (1st class 2nd position in LL.B in 2018)
9. Khusboo Bansal (1st class 1st position in B.A.LL.B(H) in 2018)
10. Harshit Pran Baruah (1st class 2nd position in B.A.LL.B(H) in 2019)