Library staff

1. Mr. Anup Ch. Sarmah M.Com., MLISc., PGDHE (Librarian) 

2. Mrs. Arundhati Bora MLISc., (Assistant Librarian)
3. Mrs. Bobita Phukan (Grade IV)

As the Library is the store house of knowledge , so also the Jorhat Law College Library. The Library has a rich collections of both print and non print documents. The library also provides library orientation programme to the new comer students especially to the B.A. LL.B students.

Nature and Development of the library

Name of the library- Jorhat Law College Library

System of the Library- Open Access System

Main sections of the Library

1.      Text book section cum Reading Hall

2.      Periodical section


Available Print Documents in the Library

1.      Text books on Law

2.      Textbooks on Non Law Subjects

3.      Reference Books: Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Books on North East India, Books on Women & Child.

4.      Dissertation

5.      Question Papers, Law Journals, Law Magazines, General Magazines, Newspapers, Maps, Globe


Available Non Print Documents

1.      Online Legal Database- Manupatra

Services Provided by the Library

1.      Circulation Service

2.      News paper clipping service

3.      Reference & Information Service

4.      Internet Service

5.      Library orientation